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UST Miscellaneous Documents Page Updated on 1/4/2016

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The documents listed below are available in PDF format and/or as Microsoft Word files. If you need help downloading, printing, or entering data for any of these documents, please view the Download Instructions and Uniform Document Questions and Answers pages.

(Rev. Date)
Designated Underground Storage Tank Operator Notification Form



PDF Document



This form can be used by the UST owner/operator to demonstrate compliance with the requirement to identify to the Unified Program Agency the person(s) who will serve as Designated UST Operator for a UST facility.
Guidelines for Adoption of California Underground Storage Tank Regulations   PDF Document
Unidocs Member Agency amendments to State UST Regulations.
Unauthorized Release (Leak)/Contamination Site Report



PDF Document
This is an interactive PDF form intended for use within Santa Clara County for the reporting of releases or site contamination from any source.
Underground Storage Tank Response Plan Word Document
PDF Document
This form may be used to satisfy State-required submittal of an approved UST Response Plan.
Underground Storage Tank System Affirmative Statement of Compatibility



PDF Document
This form must be submitted to and approved by the Unified program Agency that implements the UST Progarm prior to storing an alternative fuel (e.g., Biodiesel >B5, E85) in a UST system.
Underground Storage Tank System Compatibility With Alternative Fuels



PDF Document
Guidance document that describes requirements for storing an alternative fuel (e.g., Biodiesel >B5, E85) in a UST system.
Underground Storage Tank System Designated Operator Facility Employee Training Record DO Inspection Checklist

DO Submittal Form


This form can be used by Designated UST Operators to document training of UST facility personnel as required by California UST regulations training and record keeping requirements that took effect as of 7/1/2005.
Underground Storage Tank System Designated UST Operator Monthly Inspection Report

This form can be used by Designated UST Operators to document required monthly inspections of UST systems. It is a modified version of the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) sample form. The MS Word version is a template which can be saved and filled out on your computer.
Underground Storage Tank System General Compliance Guidelines
Adobe PDF Icon

Guidelines for complying with basic UST system operating requirements. Use this form to avoid violations.

Written Agreement Between Underground Storage Tank Permit Holder and Underground Storage Tank Operator

In cases where the UST permit is issued to a person other than the operator of the UST(s), the permit holder must enter into a written agreement with the operator of the UST(s). This form may be used to do that.