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San Jose Fire Department Page Updated on 7/11/2011

San Jose Fire Department manages operations through five bureau divisions. Our Mission: To serve the community by minimizing losses from fire and other hazards through courtesy and service with pride.

The Bureau of Fire Prevention is responsible for education and enforcement of fire, life safety, and environmental codes to insure that the citizens and visitors of San Jose are equipped to survive emergency events. We ensure maintenance of these conditions through our inspection, plan review and permitting services that administer the following regulations:

  • California Fire Code (with local amendments, section 17.12 of the San Jose Municipal Code)
  • California Building Code
  • Title 19, California Administrative Code

Effective 7/1/2011, responsibility for all State programs transferred to Santa Clara County CUPA.

Joint letter to San Jose businesses

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San Jose Fire Department
Bureau of Fire Prevention

200 East Santa Clara St., Tower, 2nd Floor

San Jose, CA 95113-1905
Phone: (408) 535-7750
Fax: (408) 292-6067
Email: Click here

Visit the San Jose Fire Department website , or contact us directly.