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Healdsburg/Sebastopol Unified Program Agency Page Updated on 7/21/2009
Healdsburg/Sebastopol City CUPA

The Cities of Healdsburg and Sebastopol established their Hazardous Materials Programs in 1987 in response to growing concerns and use of the effects of hazardous materials on human health and the environment. In 1994, the programs were combined thorough a joint powers agreement between the two agencies with the Healdsburg Fire Department as the point of contact. As a Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA), the fire department administers the following programs:

  • Hazardous Materials Business Plan (CA Health & Safety Code, Chapter 6.95)
  • Hazardous Waste Program (CA Health & Safety Code, Chapter 6.5)
  • Underground Storage Tank Program (CA Health & Safety Code, Chapter 6.7)
  • California Accidental Release Program (CA Health & Safety Code, Chapter 6.95)
  • Above Ground Storage Tanks (CA Health & Safety Code, Chapter 6.67)
  • Uniform Fire Code (Section 8001.3.2-8001.3.3a)

The programs are implemented by Ordinance 984 which, adds Chapter 7, Article III to the City Municipal Code. Areas outside the incorporated boundaries of the two cities are handled by the Sonoma County Department of Emergency Services (who can also be contacted on-line through Unidoc's). The agency also administers the provisions of the California Fire Code for all businesses that require a CUPA Permit.

Information regarding hazardous materials in these communities can be obtained from this agency by completing a Community Right to Know form. Inspections for all regulated businesses are usually pre-scheduled and can be coordinated by contacting the Healdsburg Fire Department.

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Healdsburg Fire Department
Hazardous Materials Division
601 Healdsburg Avenue
Healdsburg CA 95448
Phone: (707) 431-3360
Fax: (707) 431-3146
Email: lcollister@ci.healdsburg.ca.us
Visit the City of Healdsburg website or contact us directly.