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History of Unidocs

In 1994, member agencies of the Santa Clara County Fire Chiefs Hazardous Materials Subcommittee and Santa Clara County Department of Environmental Health (DEH) established a process to standardize many of the forms, guidelines and procedures within the county related to the management of hazardous materials and hazardous wastes. In order to further assist regulated business, industry and the public the Unidocs website was created in 1998. Initial funding was provided by DEH. This website allows printing or downloading of these standardized documents.

In 1999, with additional funding from DEH, the Hazardous Materials Online Inventory Project (HMOIP) was created and added to Unidocs. The HMOIP offered significant benefits to business, industry and local agency users including electronic submittal, a large chemical database with reporting data including fire hazard classifications, easy importing and exporting of data from the user's own data management systems, the ability to upload site maps and facility maps for emergency response purposes, and the ability to generate a variety of reports including the state's Hazardous Materials Business Plan and Inventory Statements. The Unidocs HMOIP was used by Cal/EPA as a model for developing the initial version of the state-wide California Environmental Reporting System (CERS) website. The HMOIP was retired when electronic reporting via CERS or a CERS-equivalent local Unified program Agency electronic reporting portal became mandatory on January 1, 2013.

Unidocs membership has expanded beyond its original membership to include agencies from outside Santa Clara County. Check with your local agency to determine if Unidocs documents or the HMOIP are acceptable for use in their jurisdiction.

This website provides access to the most current versions of these documents and provides links to local hazardous materials and hazardous wastes regulatory agencies as well as other related sites.