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Goals for the Site

The goal of this website is to improve the effectiveness of local hazardous materials/hazardous waste and fire prevention programs, to reduce the regulatory burden on local business and industry and to maintain high standards of protection of the public health and safety and the protection of the environment by providing standardized information, forms, guidelines and other documents related to the management of hazardous materials, hazardous wastes and fire prevention within Santa Clara County fire and environmental health agencies' jurisdictions.

Unidocs was designed by the Santa Clara County Fire Chiefs Hazardous Materials Subcommittee for use by agencies in Santa Clara County to improve the consistency between local agencies' implementation of hazardous materials, hazardous waste and fire prevention programs. The website content has been developed by these agencies specifically to address the needs of business, industry and local fire and environmental health agencies.

The Santa Clara County Fire Chiefs Association supports and encourages the use of this website and the information it contains by agencies outside of Santa Clara County because it can help reduce the regulatory burden on multijurisdictional businesses that have facilities both within Santa Clara County and elsewhere. Use by agencies outside of Santa Clara can also reduce other local program administrative activities, improves the likelihood of better communication between industry and regulatory agency staff and offers the opportunity for other ideas and suggestions to further improve the site.

Agencies outside Santa Clara County are encouraged to use this website in the administration of similar programs within their jurisdiction. If desired, agencies may submit their program description for inclusion on this website provided that the agency agrees to allow the use of the information on the website within their jurisdiction. There is no cost for an agency to be listed as a member in the Unidocs website. Agencies can request to be added or removed at any time. To be added to the site, an electronic description of the local program and contact information similar to that shown on the website for current agency participants must be submitted. Use the contact us section of Unidocs to begin the process.

Listing your agency program on the Unidocs website is an indication to your local businesses that you support consistency between agencies in the implementation of hazardous materials, hazardous waste and fire prevention programs when that consistency does not conflict with local goals or service levels.'Member' agencies are encouraged to provide suggestions for improving the site but Santa Clara County Fire Chiefs retain the right to make final decisions on the information that will be posted on Unidocs.

The information on Unidocs is not copyrighted and therefore may be used by anyone without prior permission from the Santa Clara County Fire Chiefs Association. However, as a courtesy, we would appreciate acknowledgement to your users if you use any information contained in Unidocs without becoming a listed member. Please contact us via the 'contact us' section if you need further information.

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