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Santa Clara Valley Water District Page Updated on 1/2/2007

The Santa Clara Valley Water District provides wholesale water supply and flood protection for Santa Clara County. This mission includes protecting groundwater quality, as well as creeks and reservoirs.

The Well Ordinance Program administers Ordinance 90-1, which the District adopted to protect groundwater. The program ensures that wells, borings, and other deep excavations are constructed and destroyed according to State and District standards. A permit and inspection are required for all work on wells, deep borings, and deep excavations in Santa Clara County.

The Community Projects Review Unit administers Ordinance 83-2, which the District adopted to protect our creeks, streams, and reservoirs. The ordinance requires a project review and permitting process to minimize impacts to watercourses resulting from development or community activities. Anyone who plans a project or works within 50 feet of any watercourse must first obtain a permit from the District.

Responsibility for the Leaking Underground Storage Tank Local Oversight Program (LOP), which provides regulatory oversight for leaking underground storage tank sites within Santa Clara County, has been turned over to Santa Clara County Department of Environmental Health.

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